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◊ я姆.. я姆 ◊ Jun. 27th, 2004 @ 04:26 pm

Well since Emily's pool party does not start for another hour I decided to come home and get some things settled. The slumber party was fun, we made banana splits, played darts, played twister and we watched spirited away and cowboy bebop the movie. So we were pretty much exhausted after all that excitment. This morning at Emily's house was pretty fun, as a suprise from her parents they put a big plush hello kitty on the kitchen table, Emily almost had a heart attack which was pretty funny. Me and Catherine didn't give Emily her presents and we decided to give them to her after the pool party, but Emily wasn't so happy about that -_-;. So that is the slumber party and now i'm going to go take a shower and have a snake then head over to Emily's house. toodles!

Current Mood: nerdy -_-;;;
Current Music: ? .... ¿

◊ 枕头战斗 ◊ Jun. 27th, 2004 @ 12:14 am
Well right now I am on Emily's computer while she and Catherine play darts. The evening so far has been a content one, and I am enjoying myself, besides the fact that Emily is jumping around all over the place because she is turning 15 in 3 and a half hrs. Well I guess i'll go join there very badly played game of darts, toodles!
Current Mood: content-_-;;
Current Music: ¿ 没什么 ?

◊ §ûקяι§ε §ûקяι§ε .. -_-; ◊ Jun. 26th, 2004 @ 09:15 pm
Well, Emily decided to have a slumber party since she wanted to turn 15 with her best friends, so I guess i'm going since my Mother said yes -_-;. But I guess it will be fun, we can stay up late and tell jokes that aren't funny at all. Since she won't be seeing us for at least another hour I'm probably going to wrap her present and have a small snack. Wow this is going to be a very tiring night and tomorrow will be a very tiring day -_-;.
Current Mood: sleepy-_-;
Current Music: ? øvεяйιgђ† ©ε£εβя醥 - †ω駆å fεå†ϋяιйg Kåй¥ε ω姆 ¿

◊ קάят¥ тιмε тσмσяяσω ◊ Jun. 26th, 2004 @ 06:02 pm
Well this is my first entry in my "live journal" since my best friend Emily told me to make one -_-. Well my name is Helen Huang and I was born in Fuzhou, China and my family and me came to Canada when I was 7 years old. I speak Mandarin and so do my best friends so I barely speak english at all besides when i'm in school. I have no siblings but I do have the greatest best friends in the world who are Emily and Esa who are also from China. To many I am known as "the smart one" since I do better than others academicly in school -_-;. And to my family I am "musicaly talented" since i can play the piano, flute, clarinet, piccolo and obeo -_-; but I guess that's enough about me. -_-;

My day was pretty normal up to the point Emily called going crazy about her birthday tomorrow, but I have to admit I am pretty excited too ^^. Esa and me when to the mall today to go pick out Emily's present but i'm not going ot say what it is on here just incase she reads my journal entry *looks suspicious*. I also finished my piano lessons for this week about an hour ago and right now I am eating some eggrolls -_-. And that is my day in a nut-shell and now I am going to read some fanfictions on the computer and get ready for Emily's pool party tomorrow ^^. Oh yea! here is a pic of me (pretty sexy aren't I?) hehe.

Current Mood: cheerful><)))*>
Current Music: ¿ Fάℓℓεи - м¥ά ?
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