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◊ я姆.. я姆 ◊ - *¨°-£îйĝ-Mî-°¨*

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Previous Entry ◊ я姆.. я姆 ◊ Jun. 27th, 2004 @ 04:26 pm

Well since Emily's pool party does not start for another hour I decided to come home and get some things settled. The slumber party was fun, we made banana splits, played darts, played twister and we watched spirited away and cowboy bebop the movie. So we were pretty much exhausted after all that excitment. This morning at Emily's house was pretty fun, as a suprise from her parents they put a big plush hello kitty on the kitchen table, Emily almost had a heart attack which was pretty funny. Me and Catherine didn't give Emily her presents and we decided to give them to her after the pool party, but Emily wasn't so happy about that -_-;. So that is the slumber party and now i'm going to go take a shower and have a snake then head over to Emily's house. toodles!

Current Mood: nerdy -_-;;;
Current Music: ? .... ¿
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